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May 19 2018

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Santa Fe High School is the 22nd school shooting in America in 2018.

The NRA has Russian money in the pockets and blood on their hands.

The NRA hates students who speak up.
The NRA backs Republicans.

Remember all this in November.

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My husband and I rescued this little guy last year..we rescued him from this crazy lady, you could feel him relax when we started to drive away. This was taken on the ride home, he was literally smiling at my husband like this for the rest of the day. Best decision ever . Reddit meet Harry Houdini

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My mother used to say that if you want to see a liar, look to the person who speaks the loudest and the most.   And NO ONE speaks louder or most than Donald Trump!

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More white people committing mass murder; let’s separate immigrant children from their parents and stop Muslims from entering the US. That’ll solve it.

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